Follow the Pretty Boys on Twitter

Twitter is so easy to use, I don't have to explain it, do I? And it is full of pretty boys posting their pictures, very tasty pictures at that. There are treats in store for you if you missed out on that until now. Care for an example? Have a look at that pretty twit!

You may follow him and other teens, twinks, models, actors, and singers on Twitter. And they do revealing pics. Just think +Justin Bieber. With the guy below I do wonder what his hand in his jeans is doing there (we all know what +Justin Bieber was doing in bed)? Playing around with something, I bet. It's a game I would like to have a hand in.

Or take any of the following pictures. I always find pictures taken by guys of themselves very interesting. They are very revealing, too. Sometimes I wonder if they wanted them to be that revealing? Please note the shadow play on some shorts, or rather what is inside. Someone's been playing with himself in front of the mirror. But they shouldn't keep all the goodies just for themselves. There are people who would love to lend a hand or more.

And I'm looking for that perfect beach to meet that kind of guy. I found this on Twitter, too. Now that guy gets my pulse racing. I wouldn't mind the weather on that beach either, he's hot enough to light up any day. I would need a closer look at his briefs, though. A very close look because he would look better just in briefs.

If you are using Twitter to promote your brand, your business, or your blogs, why not have some fun and games at the same time? Social networking is supposed to bring you benefits; nobody said that this was limited to benefits with friends, there are friends with benefits to be gained, too. Twitter in particular is a social networking system where quantity goes over quality; once you reached a certain number of followers, you can't do anything wrong anymore. And a few follows for your own benefit should certainly be in order?

Life should be play, too, and following some beautiful boys will certainly make you more attentive to your obligations to your followers. And don't expect anyone to meticulously check your follow list once you reached the ten thousand mark, who cares? You might just be following back on principle (as I do) to broaden the marketing base. You never know where your next retweet is coming from, after all.

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