My Personal Amusement

As I said in the title of my blog, I write this blog for my own amusement. If it amuses you, too, then so much the better. If it doesn't amuse you, then just ignore it. 

What do you expect from me in the future? Don't expect anything political or philosophical from my pen. I'll post here what hits my eye, usually pictures of pretty guys, men, boys, twinks, teens and a link to the odd article or blog that come my way. If so, the content won't be earth shaking, except if your laugh makes it shake. I have, I admit, a tendency for the weird, the wacky, and the wonderful.

The pictures I will post might be about gardening, or better gardeners and the boys who use the garden. Though gardening tools are not my forte, other tools are. And what is more enjoyable than a hunky gardener making use of his tool.

But there is more. The farm boy plowing deep furrows or milking for all he's worth. The mechanic screwing screws. The construction worker drilling deep. And there are many other professions concerned with exploring cavities or beating to the rhythm.

And I might show cool guys dressed in sunglasses and nothing much else. And a boy may keep his sunglasses on while I take a closer look at some salient features.

Or it might all be about the proper use of oils on some beautiful muscles. I am very handy with oil and I know just about everything about massages in all places. There is nothing better than a well oiled relationship, after all.

If these are things you like, too, then come back. If on the other hand you expect gay activism from me, it might be some time before I discover something weird enough that I consider worthwhile posting. While I think there is a need for political action to safeguard and promote gay rights, there are other blogs for that, written by people much better suited to it than I.

But everyone is welcome on this blog, gay, boy, girl, and all of third gender. Feel free to comment and to promote.

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