Santa Claus Undressed

It is telling that Santa Claus and his community of elves have always been a male only club in American folklore until but recently. The invention of purely fictitious female characters doesn't change the reality of the real Santa Claus, though. I have been invited to take a view of what is going on behind the scene at the residence of the most famous person of today.

Santa and his elves go on holiday just after Christmas and only return to the North Pole in September. A team-building process comes first where the elves are on parade to be allocated to jobs according to their fitness prior to starting production of gifts. The reindeer, by the way, didn't want to have their plans and holiday destinations disclosed for privacy reasons. I was also not allowed to photograph them. Santa and some elves, on the other hand, were more forthcoming and supplied me with their favorite shots for publication.

They will relocate to warmer climes during their holidays, they said. One of their preferred spots to spend the summer is the Copacabana, but other spots with a warm climate, sea, and beautiful boys were mentioned, too. I leave it to your imagination what they get up to in their spare time, but their private snaps might give you some ideas.

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