Summer Days Are Over

Summer is on the way out. Cold mornings, wind, and the rustle of leaves under your shoes tell their story of autumn (or should I say fall?) having come all too soon. Just the mention of shoes says it all. No more barefoot running at the beach, or better yet, watching others run.

This is just a short reminder what we all will be missing in the months to come. From the fabulous outdoors with its opportunities of watching (or being watched) it is back to bedrooms and saunas or something of that sort.

But it is good to remember the golden days spent sitting in the roadside coffee bar. The sun was burning down and life and its eye candies passed by in an endless procession of the weird, the wonderful, and the fabulous. Bird watching? Give me people anytime, and I can be absorbed for hours.

Sitting there, watching the world go by, being baked by the sun, and making up stories for people who are slowly passing you. Have you ever done it? There are two boys walking hand in hand. Are they lovers? But they look so much like brothers, they probably are. Conundrum!

But who cares if it is hot enough to make them take off most of their clothes or even all. And at the beach, speedos are back in favor. The best ones are the white ones that go almost transparent in water. Now there's a good reason to invite someone for a swim.

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