Halloween in Recession

Even during a recession you have to be properly clad for a Halloween party. While many do that on the wrong date, the true addicts always party on the 31st of October. I have collected some ideas what you could be wearing for this Halloween party. I hope you like the ideas and that many of you will find inspiration for something to wear (or not to wear, as the case may be).

Gay and angel somehow come together quite often, and a pair of wings is an attractive attribute. The wings have the advantage that you can use them again on Christmas. Nobody expects an angel to wear anything, your only money spent is on the wings therefore. I once wore this kind of costume, and you would be surprised how many people want to touch an angel.

If you prefer to wear some briefs, the superheros are the obvious costume of choice. Your expenditure is limited to the mask, for the rest any kind of skimpy and tight Lycra will do. Make sure not to wear anything underneath the Lycra to make your most salient feature stick out.

As to cheap costumes, there are other possibilities. The vampire needs some teeth and a black cape, but nothing else; the ghost can do with a sheet, as can the Roman. The Roman soldier, I have to admit, is quite an expenditure, but then you have to consider that you are presenting yourself in leather, if only leather. A bit of muslin or a feather boa are all you need for fancy dress, they look adorable with no other materials to distract. And for the devil, the horns can be self made; and the devil needs to show his horns, all of them, wouldn't you say? Don't spoil the impression by wearing anything else.

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