That Awkward Moment When

Do you think sport is exciting? I do. Usually for the sport as such, but sometimes for the guys that are competing in it. And some sports I find exciting to compete in. That is one side. And then there are the guys who find their sport extremely exciting like some wrestlers. They find their sport so exciting, in fact, that it shows. And then some.

Sport is exciting on many levels, and some boys and men show their excitement quite prominently on a level usually reserved for bed sports. They are upright proof that homoerotic thought never enters a sportsman's mind. That is why there are no gays in certain sports, right? Nothing like keeping a stiff, errh, upper lip?

As to the competing boys and men: For them it is that awkward moment when their boner shows all too clearly in the often skimpy or over-tight sporting gear. And some of them are really impressively equipped making it impossible to overlook what is going on with their gear. It gives the expression 'sporting greats' a completely new and graphic meaning. And it makes sport even more exciting.

Actors need to be sportsmen, too. Climbing the mast can be quite exciting to some. And actors' gear can be as revealing as any.

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