Be Prepared!

You stuffed yourself over Christmas with every kind of food that would add handles to your perfect body line. Still gravid from Christmas dinner, you piled it on again on Boxing Day. Then you drank yourself stupid on New Year. Now you face the choice of either stuffing your face through Easter, or to start thinking about taking off your shirt when the warm weather will come again shortly after that. So what is it going to be?

Sorry if I make you think about it now. But it is easier to start working out now than starting a crash diet after Easter. Don't you agree? And don't tell me it was easy a year ago. Your body is one year older now, and every year it gets a bit harder to get it back to fitness and form once you let it slip. It would have been easier for you if you had stuck to your principles from the start and through the holidays.

But may be a few pics will inspire you to get back to form. Model your abs from the flab. Get back that V-form to your lower torso. Feel the movement of your muscles instead of moving your fat. Sounds good? Go for it then. Don't be a slouch!

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