Time to Plan for The Beach

What was first, the chicken or the egg? And I am equally uncertain about what comes first, booking your summer holidays on the beach or getting your body into form in the gym? Just imagine cavorting your flab in the midst of all those sexy hunks on the beach. Isn't that daunting?

When it is cold, then put your mind forward to your summer holidays, and you have one reason more to feel warm. But the summer holidays also put you into a dilemma. Do you prefer to put yourself under pressure by booking them now and setting a limit to how much time you have to hunk up, or do you prefer to hunk up and then be under pressure to find a place to show off?

Decisions, decisions. If you haven't made up your mind, I put some pictures further down to help make it up. After all, you undress to impress, don't you? And flab is not what I call impressive, so time to get rid of it and put on those showy abs and pecs instead. Hard work, I know, but well worth while.

And just a tip on the side. I would not try on the skimpy speedo until later in the year when the muscles are back where they belong. The prospect of looking at yourself in the mirror in sexy swimwear looking like a hippopotamus is just too daunting. Don't do it. Rather just envisage yourself strutting the stuff and showing it off. Here, as anywhere else, vision is key to success.

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