Compulsive Liars Apply For Minority Status

A group of compulsive obsessive liars appointing themselves as 'Christians' have applied to the High Court in the United Kingdom to get recognition as a suppressed minority group. They aim at having  their lies acknowledged as 'free speech'. And no, to my knowledge they aren't politicians who do just that for a living.

In 2012, the British authority for advertising standards gave permission to the Core Issues Trust to run an ad campaign advertising their self appointed 'therapy to heal gays'. Older people might remember that this is a concept at the center of beliefs held by Adolf Hitler and Joseph Mengele. (So far, Core Issues Trust has not applied to the Vatican to sanctify the two, but I am sure they have the papers ready for the new Pope.)

Transport for London employed some people more intelligent than the flunkies at the standard authority and scrapped the adverts to be run on its buses as inappropriate (as they are not allowed to call a lie a lie even it is an obvious lie in case they would be litigated). London's Mayor of little brain, was in support of that move (as were most candidates running against him for the same post). This is now interpreted by Core Issues Trust to have been a directive by the Mayor. But then, that's small fry compared to the whole 'therapy' set up.

Advertising standards apply for example to the cosmetic industry, which may not claim that a skin treatment makes wrinkles disappear when not scientifically proven. How that very same authority could miss the point that the so called 'therapy' is not only not proven and not working, but actually scientifically proven not to work, is a total mystery. There is a positive development in that: On the grounds of this excellent record of work, it can now be disbanded and its useless employees sacked, which saves a lot of money in a cash strapped country.

The ploy of using the Human Rights clause to get your lies propagated is eagerly watched by other suppressed minorities apart from the cosmetics industry. The food industry wants to apply it to 'pure beef', the pharmaceutical industry to all its products with 'no side effects', other drug dealers could finally say 'makes you happy', and all religious sects and politicians could latch on as a matter of principle so as to be able to propagate anything without fear of repercussions in court.

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