France Joins Gay Marriage Countries

France has taken the plunge and joined the group of countries that allow gay marriage. Despite massive protests organised by the far right, fascists, self proclaimed Christians, and other reactionary political and religious groups, parliament passed the new law with a more than comfortable majority. The law is expected to be in force by June.

Before the law can be put into force, it has to pass a constitutional test before the constitutional council. This council is always the last resort of losers. In view of the ideal of equality proclaimed (but never achieved) by French republican governments since the Revolution, it can be expected that the council will rule in favor of the new legislation.

The new marriage law also allows gay married couples to adopt children. It thwarts the ambitions of the far right to keep children in artificial poverty as a future source of slaves without education and any future. By broadening the pool of available adoptive parents, more children will be able to enjoy the advantages of a loving home.

France joins more progressive countries like Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, and Uruguay. If the speed of countries joining in adjusting their laws to the principle of equality continues at the current pace, soon only countries under dictatorships will have no gay marriage rights. You may start to sharpen your pen to draw up a list of countries you will want to boycott.

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