The Body Image of Man

Women have a problem with their body image, we are told over and over. But a little study showed that men are just as self-conscious as women about their body shape. I have always been in favor of equality; sharing minor traumas seems only right therefore. In the end, though, it comes down to making the best of what you have.

Researchers questioned men and classified them into seven body types. The pear shaped ones, the cucumber, tomato, brick, nacho, string bean, and the snow man all were in contention. Not surprisingly, about 90 percent of men were not happy with the body they had. But then we strive for perfection, don't we. Part of the problem might also have been the body descriptions or rather names used in the study. They are not very well chosen and in fact unnecessary.

Pear shaped means overweight, tomato fat, and snowman very fat. Yes I know, obese is the new fat; but it explains why many are not happy with all the weight they carry around, quite apart from killing themselves with food. Cucumber is athletic, brick is stocky, nacho is V-shaped, and string bean is skinny. I sometimes wonder why things can't be named the way they are.

And there are ways out of some of the predicaments, it is called training and fitness; and it involves working for it. That disqualifies a lot of people as they prefer to moan and look for wonder-drugs instead of accepting it is hard graft to keep your body in form. Which brings up the question, is being dissatisfied with your body not rather a sign you are dissatisfied with yourself and your own laziness?

If you don't like it, change it. But that means getting rid of your baggage of preconceptions, getting out of inertia, putting a stop to the feeling of entitlement that others should solve your (self made) problems, and binning all the lame excuses.

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