100 Years Tour de France

It must be summer! Once the Tour de France is on TV, the sun must be shining and it has to be warm at least. And this year, everything should be double if you believe the hype the tour organizers made about it all. I somehow doubt that they can get out two suns, and pity the racers if they get into double temperatures. And if it goes after the world's most famous cheat, the cyclists will do double doping.

According to the tour organizers, everything will be doubled. I doubt that, but getting twice up on the Alpe d'Huez will take it out of the cyclists, no question. And while watching bicycle racing on TV may not be everyone's cup of tea, the French tour is always worth looking into. French TV has a knack of showing the most astonishing views in between the race. No tourist board could ask for anything better.

Don't forget the cyclists. If you are looking for an epitome for fit, lean, and muscular, you get it served here by the hour. Are they still doping? Who knows. But testosterone doping sure does interesting things to them in the skimpy lycra outfits. Not all muscles bulging out, if I can trust my eyes. They are an excitable lot, too, and show off to the best while riding their bikes. So much for the watershed on TV.

While I would not advise you to copy them (getting up the Alpe d'Huez is a strain with a car, let alone on a bicycle), you should get on a bicycle yourself. Cycling at a normal pace does more for you than any slimming pill can ever do for you. And it gets you from A to B in your own good time, something the pharmaceutical industry can not promise you, neither can the tube, come to think of it.

Watch the guys on TV, by all means. They are worth looking at. But don't forget to do your bit as well. If you want to get rid of flab and look at least a bit like them, nobody but you can do it for you. Get riding!

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