Brighton Craft Fair

Do you like flea markets? When going for a leisurely shopping browse, there is nothing more satisfying than a visit to good arts and crafts fairs. Combine meeting chatty strangers with window shopping as a sort of free therapy. With the occasional surprise find thrown in you’ll get all the excitement of a treasure hunt. Then bargain as if you were in the oriental bazaar. Who needs a holiday after that?

The Independent recently published its 10 favorite flea markets. I picked my favorite from among them to bring to you as a special recommendation: The Brighton Crafts Fair. There are several reasons why I chose this particular one. It is not in London, but near enough for a day trip. It brings you to the seaside and takes you on a holiday from the rat race in the capital. And then there is all the quirky, local, and quality stuff being sold.

A visit to the fair is free. And history buffs get a special treat, too. The fair is held at the Friends’ Meeting House. The building dates partly from 1806 when the Quakers had to move from their original site to make way for the Prince Regent and his building spree. Starting small, the Friends’ Meeting House grew over time to the structure you see today.

Brighton Craft Fair is held monthly on the last Saturday of the month. The next date on the calendar is the 29th of June 2013. I have a few pictures of what is going to be on offer. Take a first browse before you go browsing in earnest. The photographs by Joaquim Pinho are probably just what you need for your walls, and quality ceramics from Sharon Le Goff are always useful and beautiful.

I admit, I myself won’t buy anything from them; but the candles by Sarah Jane Ellis have caught my eye and I’d certainly want one of those. But there are all the other intriguing things on offer, too, and I expect to spend an hour or two just looking and enjoying. That is, before I go to the promenade to get myself an ice cream; weather permitting.

To get there: Friends' Meeting House, Ship Street, BN1 1AF. Open from 11 am to 5 pm every last Saturday of the month. Entry free.

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