Turkey Apprehends Israeli Spy

An Israeli spy has been caught in Turkey by the inhabitants of a rural village. They captured him despite the grave personal danger to life and limbs and dragged him to the provincial governor's office for interrogation. Even under duress, the spy refused to confess and was eventually let go. Suspicions were not allayed as the suspect winged it immediately.

Kevin Warhol

The inhabitants of Altinova in Turkey are heroes. When they noticed the tell-tale iron ring around the lower leg, they immediately suspected foul play. They assumed that someone so cleverly disguised could only be an Israeli spy. They caught him, caged him, and took him to the offices of the provincial governor for interrogation. Scans made at the local hospital could not reveal any suspicious gadgets being carried by the spy. And despite severe interrogation, the falcon refused to sing. When released, the bird immediately winged. Very suspicious, don't you agree?

Israel's Mossad denied any involvement when asked; they only have spies that eat kosher meat. Falcons might not be that discerning, they might even loath it, who knows? Questions asked from other spy agencies revealed that CIA's rats are in operation worldwide without being hampered in searching rubbish bins. NSA's bugs scamper happily all over walls and in bathrooms everywhere. MI5 and MI6 said that their spy pups are still undetected and only run into trouble with Chinese cook pots; and Angela Merkel of Germany just said that her spies are like kittens compared to professionals.

Russia's KGB used the question for a political statement accusing China of using torture on its bears and the Swiss government of discrimination for deportation of one of the bears living in Bern's bear enclosure while letting the rats and bugs have the free run of the capital city. China refused to comment.

Nicktoons, to get to the important news, confirmed that the Penguins of Madagascar are still in business.

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