Through The Looking-Glass

Mirrors are mirrors, you would think. But even if you are a stickler for reality, a mirror is sometimes not what it seems but might be a means of secret observations. You may see them in most crime series on television. But even outside of fiction, cases are known where such observation on the sly took place in locker rooms or bathrooms.

Mirrors are annoying enough. All of them are magic, none of them ever shows you the reality as others see it. You only ever see your inverse self and consequently start to hate your photographs which clearly show someone else. Quite clearly, mirrors are traitors from the start. And are you watching your reflection, or is your reflection watching you? 

Now add to this the dimension that the mirror might not really be a mirror, but a means of observation. These observation mirrors are variably called one-way mirror, two-way mirror, one-way glass, or two-way glass. It would be nice if the industry could agree on one term, but business men aren't able to think further than their tax defrauded bank accounts. But then, we all know that accounting is just another name for smoke and mirrors.

Such a one-way mirror, two-way mirror, one-way glass, or two-way glass can easily be detected if there is light on both sides as it is part transparent. But how can you detect one when the other side is kept in the dark? The test is quite easy. Place your finger against the mirror. If there is a space between your finger and the one in the mirror, then it is a conventional mirror. If on the other hand the two fingers seem to touch, then it is a one-way mirror, two-way mirror, one-way glass, or two-way glass.

It is up to you if you want to leave such a place or if it turns you on, obviously. Isn't Paranoia something exciting? But don't let me keep you from looking for your spy glasses.

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