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London Spy: A Review

BBC has broadcast the first of five parts of London Spy. During build-up to this first episode, all kinds of allegations were thrown about by all kinds of people, mainly because the main characters are all gay, I suppose. Now the real thing is out and open to all to assess, I hope we can get back to what really counts. I for my part was entertained and impressed. The latter is mainly due to the work of director Jakob Verbruggen.

Ben Wishaw and Edward Holcroft in
London Spy

Eye Candy For Mojo

Mojo is the first play Jez Butterworth wrote. It is currently on show at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London. The cast is made up of an illustrious list of young actors. Colin Morgan, Ben Wishaw, and Rupert Grint are the names most leaping out. The play is more limping than leaping. The eye candy factor is definitely more powerful than the script.

Ben Wishaw

Brideshead Revisited, The Movie

With Ben Whishaw as camp as a row of tents and the long shadows of an incomparable TV series putting the movie Brideshead Revisited into the category of been there, seen it, bought the t-shirt, it really is Brideshead Revisited, again, one might say. I even revisited it for the third time, being on the wrong (or right) side of forty to remember the TV series from the eighties and to have read the excellent book by Evelyn Waugh. 

Ben Whishaw