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Brighton Craft Fair

Do you like flea markets? When going for a leisurely shopping browse, there is nothing more satisfying than a visit to good arts and crafts fairs. Combine meeting chatty strangers with window shopping as a sort of free therapy. With the occasional surprise find thrown in you’ll get all the excitement of a treasure hunt. Then bargain as if you were in the oriental bazaar. Who needs a holiday after that?

Time to Plan for The Beach

What was first, the chicken or the egg? And I am equally uncertain about what comes first, booking your summer holidays on the beach or getting your body into form in the gym? Just imagine cavorting your flab in the midst of all those sexy hunks on the beach. Isn't that daunting?

A Happy New Year: 2013

We managed to survive the apocalypse predicted by people unable to read Mayan or their calendar. Still it is something to celebrate, don't you agree? So let me wish all my readers a happy New Year for 2013. I have also included some good luck charms in this post, just in case you are in need of them. And remember to make 13 your lucky number.

Chimney sweep boy

Santa Claus Undressed

It is telling that Santa Claus and his community of elves have always been a male only club in American folklore until but recently. The invention of purely fictitious female characters doesn't change the reality of the real Santa Claus, though. I have been invited to take a view of what is going on behind the scene at the residence of the most famous person of today.