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Make Your Car Roadworthy For Winter Safety

Winter holidays are fun. Going into the mountains for skiing and fun in the snow is always a thing to look forward to. It is more enjoyable if you manage to arrive in one piece instead of ending up in a ditch. It might also be worth a lot of money as many countries hand out hefty fines if you haven't readied your car for snow and icy conditions on roads and mountain passes.

Police Vultures (The Animal Kind)

No, I’m not talking about the human vultures that you will find in any human organisation. I’m talking about flying vultures that are under training with German police. It is planned, as should be quite obvious when reading any vulture’s job description, to use them in the search for dead persons in rugged terrain.

How To Pack Your Rucksack For Hiking

When you go for long hikes, a rucksack is an essential bit of kit to take along. It is there to take up all the stuff you might need while being on the way for several hours. If you pack it right, it will be a big help and hardly any trouble; if you pack it wrongly, it will be a pain in the neck and possibly dangerous. Packing a rucksack is not rocket science, but taking some care with it helps a long way.

Wrong Footwear Makes Hiking Dangerous

Hiking is the perfect fat burner. But you have to do it in the right footwear, or you might expose yourself to unnecessary dangers. Before setting out to countryside, the hills, or even mountains, go get some decent shoes or boots. Converse, sneakers, or slippers are not made to trek for hours through rough, wet, or slippery terrain. Slithering down a rain soaked muggy hill in shoddy shoes is not my idea of fun.