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Google Goes Gay on Sochi

Google has joined the many activists around the world in protesting the anti-LGBT laws introduced in Russia in time for the opening ceremony of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games. The Google doodle shows athletes of winter sports in a colored array reminiscent of the rainbow flag of the international LGBT movement. To bring the point home, the Olympic Charter is cited below the search box.

Data Loss in Winter is Preventable

All of us own electronic devices that contain important information that we would hate to lose. Winter cold can be a factor in crashes happening to those devices. If handled correctly, this need not happen to you. But as electronic devices are getting smaller, we tend to forget about their whereabouts more easily. Keeping track of them is just part of the deal.

Make Your Car Roadworthy For Winter Safety

Winter holidays are fun. Going into the mountains for skiing and fun in the snow is always a thing to look forward to. It is more enjoyable if you manage to arrive in one piece instead of ending up in a ditch. It might also be worth a lot of money as many countries hand out hefty fines if you haven't readied your car for snow and icy conditions on roads and mountain passes.