Turkey Apprehends Israeli Spy

An Israeli spy has been caught in Turkey by the inhabitants of a rural village. They captured him despite the grave personal danger to life and limbs and dragged him to the provincial governor's office for interrogation. Even under duress, the spy refused to confess and was eventually let go. Suspicions were not allayed as the suspect winged it immediately.

Kevin Warhol

Diving World Championship 2013

Any excuse will do, I suppose, to post some pictures of my favorite teen hunk Tom Daley. Admittedly, a World Championships is a good excuse, wouldn't you agree? The 15th FINA World Championships this year is held in Barcelona, Spain. From five years ago, we already know that Barcelona probably has the most spectacular venue anywhere in the world. And then there are the boys in their sporting dress, if you can call a guy in skimpy speedos dressed. And it's all revealed on TV before the watershed.

Tom Daley

Expensive Games by Free To Play

The top-selling apps in app stores are free games. How can games costing nothing make loads of profit for their developers? Using "Dragon City" as an example, I’ll try to show the tricks that make our "Free to play" games extremely expensive. Free to play games are anything but free, if you take a closer look at their principles.

Daniel Radcliffe Crippled on 24th Birthday

Actor Daniel Radcliffe was catapulted to fame as the boy who played Harry Potter. His story has become inextricably linked to the wizard. But he managed to step out of his own shadow and all his clothes and appeared naked on stage in Equus. Next came his singing debut in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying to take New York and the Broadway. On his 24th birthday, Daniel Radcliffe is set to play a cripple in the West End.

Daniel Radcliffe

Giving up: The Key to Success

What we admire most in top athletes like Andy Murray is their tenacity in pursuing their goals. Sports' superstars pursue extreme goals demanding the highest level of performance. And yet only a handful ever reach that pinnacle of success. Because truly successful athletes have an advantage over their less successful rivals: They can detect unreachable goals on time and redefine their goals.

Andy Murray