French Gay Marriage Shambles

Trust frogs to make a mess of things. First they allow gay couples to marry. Then it turns out that not all of them are allowed to marry. And then the fascists try to hijack the constitution to invalidate the constitution. They tried that one in 1934, too, in a blatant push to invite Adolf Hitler into the country. Gay marriage has opened Pandora's box on persistent French fascism.

The Adnan Januzaj Think Tank

This post is directed at Adnan Januzaj, but anyone is welcome to read it, obviously. The English Football Association has acknowledged the total lack of home grown soccer talents and is hunting down promising foreigners. The whole farce is played out to distract from the fact that the FA is led by a bunch of incompetents. But this post, as I said, is by way of advice for a young soccer prodigy.

Adnan Januzaj

Hot Cheap Halloween Costumes

This is a special for all you pumpkin heads. Halloween is coming any moment now and the usual trouble is the decision what to wear. I have collected some ideas for you that don't need a lot of material, if any at all. There might be a few lucky ones among you that can go without any disguise at all. Narcissus was naked when looking into the pond, for instance. Or maybe a mask is all you need to wear.

Tai Woffinden: British Home Grown Speedway Champion

Britain is able to support home grown sports champions still. Tai Woffinden became Britain's first world speedway champion since 2000. He secured six points he needed to top the roster in Torun (Thorn), Poland. He is one of the sportsmen proving that the FA (Football Association) and the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) should be disbanded immediately.

Tai Woffinden

Kissing is Dead in Post-Porn Era

Youporn and sexuality overload swamp all aspects of everyday life and dominate news and social media. We live in an era of publicly displayed intimacy and of people making a spectacle of their emotions. The good old private and sincere kiss seems threatened by extinction. French philosopher Alexandre Lacroix accused pornography of having committed murder on kissing in his last book Contribution à la théorie du baiser.