Time for Inside Sports

I know that most of you want to misunderstand me. But then there are sports and there are sports. I am sure bed sport counts for fitness much more than any other, at least it keeps your minds active. You can lose as many calories and use as many or more muscles than with any other sport. I mean, you just have to look at the pictures to see how well it works.

But with the cold weather, it is time to move inside. There are enough exciting possibilities to do sports inside a building and outside a bed. Just go and do it, or in spring you will be faced with the eternal dilemma that you would like to show off, but have let yourself go. So take a hold on yourself (wherever) and move your muscles.

And once you are at it, you will notice how exciting it is. If not for you, then for the young guys training with you. Sports that I can recommend include gymnastics for the sake of the eight pack you can acquire doing it; wrestling I recommend for those who want to get in touch with their opponent and have the satisfaction of feeling and seeing how much they are liked. Acrobatic gymnastics are for those that like being thrown about by a muscular guy, or for throwing about slim and trim boys. And obviously, the gym is the place to be seen and to see. And if it has a sauna as an added plus, then you better spend a lot of time there.

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Edward Upcott from Spelbound