Now Boxing Day is Over

Boxing Day is over; and you had several days to stuff yourself on all the goodies available over the holidays. There was all this delicious food and drink, and hours of sitting and gaming. Was it at least a most relaxing time and so good for the soul?

Niall Horan

Having stuffed your face with all this food, I thought I wanted to remind you of what you want to look like when the stripping period for summer is coming round again. I do agree that all that fat, sugar, salt, and loads of calories are delicious, but is it worth the while? Do you enjoy spending some days in utter gluttony to face months of hard work in the gym to get rid of it again?

Add to this the champagne and wine, the cokes, and some sweet coffee topped off with a relaxing smoke to make room for more; and you may think you make a pretty picture. And the more goes in, the more you have to sweat later. Then, there is New Year still to come. I suppose it is nothing to worry about, but couldn't you make life easier on yourself?

No, there is no Harry Potter way of translating all the weight you gained over these days into pure muscle. You have to do it old school. Disappointing, isn't it? And you even forgot to put that on Santa's Christmas wish list. Very negligent; it might have worked after all; you never know without trying.

But here I got a few pictures as an incentive to get you back into the gym. That should better your mood.

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