Santa Claus Family Album

A year ago, I was offered an exclusive view into what the guys at North Pole headquarters are up to when going on holidays: Santa Claus Undressed. This year, I have been granted an exclusive view into the family album of Santa Claus. As the North Pole community is made up of only male members, as we know from the history books (female members are the figments of imagination of some weird writers), the pictures are of the adopted sons of Santa Claus and what they are up to.

The Merry Men of Robin Hood's are never as merry as the various adopted sons of Santa Claus. And in the current economical climate, we should all be happy for them. The family business will keep them all in jobs indefinitely; job security in the North Pole conglomerate is assured for generations for as long as there are children in the world. And, I have been told, toy production is going full blast this year as always.

The boys are integrated into the planning and budgeting process of Santa Claus & Co (NP) as teen boys to keep track of the newest technological developments in the toy industry. They are responsible to evaluate the latest issues and updates on consoles and games as well as choosing the yearly Christmas hit. As we know, they are not above playing a practical joke when doing the latter.

Remains to wish everybody Merry Christmas with some of the pictures of the teens and twinks running amok at the North Pole.

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