Hot Cheap Halloween Costumes

This is a special for all you pumpkin heads. Halloween is coming any moment now and the usual trouble is the decision what to wear. I have collected some ideas for you that don't need a lot of material, if any at all. There might be a few lucky ones among you that can go without any disguise at all. Narcissus was naked when looking into the pond, for instance. Or maybe a mask is all you need to wear.

History, legend, and myth (can we ever be sure which is which?) hold hundreds of ideas for Halloween costumes that need not be boring ghost, witch, or pumpkin inspired. There are all the Greek and Roman gods where you need no cloths, just some attributes to define the costume. A wreath of olive branches, or a handful of grapes put you absolutely into the picture.

Then there are the warriors that usually fought naked. Borrow a shield and a sword, maybe a helmet, and you are ready to hit the street and the party. And the beauty of it all, there will be no washing to do even if the party gets a bit wet all over you.

If you lean more towards fantasy than history, a mask and nothing else will do the trick. Or a mask and a cape, if you intend to use public transport? All of these ideas have one big advantage in common, they cost no or almost no money to put on (or rather to strip off). And you may be sure to be the center of any party you will grace with your presence.

Alternatively, there are other ideas that always are good for Halloween. Remember Charlie Brown of Peanuts' fame? His famous paper bag could do just the trick for you, especially if you left it to the last minute. And as a bonus, it would even qualify as a VIP costume should you be invited to a themed party.

Another last minute escape might come from the make-up cabinet. With a few colored strips, stripes, or stars you can use skin as the canvas for your creativity. The scope is unlimited, apart from the amount of skin you can draw on. And again, there are no hidden costs for your costume; skin says it all.

And maybe you have some old super-tight lycra in your cupboard? This stuff lends itself to create super-heroes, don't you agree? Superheroes may show off their muscles like anyone else and their tendency to strut the street in their undies makes it a cheap costume to create, too. Has anyone ever answered the question why all superheroes are so gay? At least their dress sense is definitely aimed at a gay audience.

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