Your Free Apps Feed Big Brother

Free Apps come to your phone at great personal cost to yourself. Most free apps suck information from your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop without your permission or knowledge. And this includes information you really would prefer to stay with you.

The Technical University of Vienna, Austria, has followed the leads of apps downloaded to mobile phones of any description. Their research showed that free apps not only use a wildly misleading term when declaring themselves as ‘free’ but are verging on the criminal when downloading private information from phones and other gadgets.

The most shocking breach of privacy and security is the download of the secret appliance number by which your mobile phone is uniquely identified. Over half of all free apps do exactly that. Giving away your appliance number opens your private information to any identity fraudster on the planet, making free apps the most expensive buy you can possibly make in all your life.

All your private information collected from your phone is sold directly to advertising and marketing firms. Prime download culprit and buyer of your information is a company called Admob. Admob is Google by another name. Google was quick to deny that your private information from your phone including your secret appliance number have been internally linked with your Google profile. The quick denial probably means that it has already been done and thoroughly so.

If you add the information Google is stealing from your computer, your tablet, and from your phone, you may be sure that all your information, all your contacts, and all your communication has already been sold to the government of the United States and several other identity fraudsters. NSA has every American company in its pockets in that land of the unfree freaks.

The secret appliance number identifying your iPhone had been invented under the guise of combating crime and terrorism. That is American for espionage, slavery, and gang crime for English speakers. Now it is clear that the prime suspect of the completely and utterly innocent US government has always been yourself, the user. Google is collecting the most astonishing amount of information about your personally which puts the Stasi to shame. Their profits come mainly from selling information, all paid for by American taxpayers.

Stasi (Staatssicherheitsdienst) was the CIA of communist East Germany and is the only state security agency that has been publicly dismantled so far. Its workings show the blue-print on how CIA, MI5, KGB, NSA and other criminal organisations under government protection work today. These organisations collect all data about you and everybody you know under pretext of combating terrorism including vital facts like what you had for breakfast and that you are following Justin Bieber on Twitter (the latter is punishable as treason in the United States).

In consequence, if you want to be marked down as a terrorist threat by the United States, all you need is a Google profile which will collect all the data you look at on your computer at home, a Google Adsense account which will link all your publications online with your Google profile, and an iPhone which will add all your private conversations, mails, and texts as well as the secret appliance number which will supply the exact place you are in at any time thanks to streaming.

And, just in case you thought Mac would save you from all this: Mac.apps are doing exactly the same. Happy surfing everyone!

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