Tom Daley: Proud Coming Out

Now Tom Daley has decided that we all need to know. He's such a nice boy. And the way he did it was so typical Tom Daley you can't top it. His video message to the world is extremely personal and perfect home movie stuff. I have provided a link in the article.

Tom Daley has a boyfriend. I don't need to say a lot about that, because Tom Daley lets you know what you need to know in his video message on YouTube 'Something I want to say'. I recommend you get it in his own words rather than taking it from an article. You certainly won't get any quotes from me here, take the time and watch his five minute video.

A long time ago when everyone was asking the question if Tom Daley was gay, I said that no one really needs to answer the question. There is an obvious exception, if Tom Daley wants to answer it, that is a different pair of shoes. That he comes out and the way he does it is admirable. That he has to do it at all just shows that homosexual equality is just a farce. Can you remember the last heterosexual celebrity who had to come out about being heterosexual?

I hope that people appreciate what he is doing. I am not talking about the gay community who should be profoundly grateful to him. But his fans should appreciate his honesty in doing this. Those who don't appreciate it should retire to some place where they can think about what's wrong with them. If you like Tom Daley, you should wish him to be happy. That is all that really counts.

To his boyfriend, I would like to say this should chance bring you to read my blog: If ever you have a doubt that Tom Daley loves and respects you, then remember this coming out video. He could have earned a six figure sum for an exclusive interview with just about any magazine or newspaper for this. Instead he chose to do it the private way to get it just right and keep control over his words. He did that for you.

As for us, we are looking forward to see Splash. I hope that the diving will be as spectacular as last time. Good luck Tom Daley!

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