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Tai Woffinden: British Home Grown Speedway Champion

Britain is able to support home grown sports champions still. Tai Woffinden became Britain's first world speedway champion since 2000. He secured six points he needed to top the roster in Torun (Thorn), Poland. He is one of the sportsmen proving that the FA (Football Association) and the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) should be disbanded immediately.

Tai Woffinden

Gareth Bale Soccer Transfer Record

Gareth Bale so far only laid claim to being Tottenham Hotspur's sexiest player with an option on the same being the case for Wales. But now he is aiming to become the most expensive soccer player in the world, well over the measly £80 million ($125 million) once paid for Cristiano Ronaldo. If nothing else, this explains why America desperately needs the Major Soccer League. All that money, and it is not earned by Americans. It's unethical.

Gareth Bale