1D, 2D, or 3D? Confusing in More Than One Direction

I don't know if you're confused, I definitely get confused now. With a boy-band called One Direction (or 1D) whose members are possibly interested in two directions (boys and girls to spell it out) and bringing out a movie in 3D, who wouldn't be at least puzzled? But this multi-directional approach is probably one of the reasons for their success. And the movie, make no mistake, could make them the billion Dollar boys.

One Direction

The story of the boys success is in many ways a weird one. Starting out as five failures who failed to make the cut into the X-Factor series, they were offered a saving grace by Nicole Scherzinger's idea of putting them together as a group. They went for it and failed again, ending third in the final behind two others since forgotten. And that is what makes them different, they weren't forgotten but plugged in to social networking to keep their fans together and collect new ones. Quite a few new ones, obviously.

The movie is aimed to breach the last bastion. If it is more successful than Justin Bieber's Never Say Never, then they are bigger than Bieb; this would give them the ultimate accolade right now for total control of the pop music market. And from the movie moguls, assenting grunts can be heard that this will be so. Estimates of 120 million Dollar box office takings are handed about. They might be underestimating the audience it is aimed at: Directioners.

For Directioners there is one important fact they will all be glad to hear: Someone called Taylor Swift is not even mentioned in the movie. You can look forward to a completely unspoiled evening enjoyment. The rest of the movie will be much as you want it, too. No nasty surprises, and all very much in keeping with the public image of the boy-band as it has been built up over the last couple of years.

Tuesday 29 August 2013, Leicester Square in London will be the day when the film This Is Us will be revealed with the protagonists walking the red carpet. If you want to be part of the screeching mob, you better are there early, lets say by two or three days; if you don't want to get bogged down, you better start planning alternate routes to take. There, at least, it is all going in one direction. And the movie is pointing the same way. One Direction currently have only one direction to go, and that is up.

If you are not a fan of One Direction, by the way, you should probably avoid the movie; under the circumstances it will be cringe-worthy. That much experience can teach us after Justin Bieber, Spice Girls, and Madonna on the big screen. Equally, the boys will not be expecting to receive any Oscar or Golden Globe for the documentary movie; they might make another killing at the next Teen Choice Awards, though.

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