Last Minute Halloween Costumes

You forgot to go shopping for a Halloween costume or had decided not to go to the party and now changed your mind? There are lots of ways you can rustle up a cheap Halloween costume with what you find at home. You'll look sexy in any of the costume designs I have found for you. Just take a look at the pictures and take it from there.

All you need for a good Halloween costume for the party 2015 is your body and some imagination. You can whip out your old school tie; no need to wear much else, it's horrible enough on its own. Or you can draw the design with make-up directly on your skin.

The best recycling costume is the fashion victim; use everything you bought this year and never wore. As it was not what you wanted, you can rip and shred it in any which way you want.

Or you can go and dig something up from the shed; some old netting would make you the Fisher King, and an old hat with nothing much else leaves you to interpret your disguise as you go along.

And then there is the trunk with old charade costumes that might spew out a loo mask or a tutu. Go for it, you can make them all look sexy!

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